Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Looking at these kidnappings in Israel..

The Israelis are already blocking Gaza.

This is going to be a very nasty situation. The Egyptians are deploying forces on the Gaza/Egypt border. They have some idea of what will happen and are trying to make sure they don't get tens of thousands of Palestinians crossing into Egypt.

Most likely the Israelis will issue an ultimatum. Either the soldier and settler are released or Israel will invade and temporarily occupy Rafah with the intention of rescuing the soldier and hunting down the PRC leadership in Rafah.

If the soldier winds up dead, the Israelis will expand the operation and start killing the leadership of Hamas...


Blogger E$ said...

Interesting point on killing Hamas leadership.

I was wondering what stopped the kidnappers from killing the guy similar to what Hizbollah did in a similar situation.

8:15 AM  

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