Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hmmm.. I think I might get fired tomorrow...

Basically, it is generally a bad idea to delete customer data on production machines and... I have done so today. Not on purpose mind you, but I did edit the script that 'cleans' old data from our systems. In layman's terms I turned this script into an OCD hypochondriac, which caused a lot of data to be deleted prematurely.

This either means that everything will be recovered from what is effectively a 2 layer backup, or that some data will be lost. If I also screwed up one of the levels of backup, then I can only recover most of the data from the second layer and some data is lost and I might have a problem.

I sent a message to the sysadmins 2 hours ago with suggestions as to how to recover he data, but I haven't heard anything back... There are 2 things I really dislike:
1) Knowing what needs to be done and not having the ability to do it (in this case because I don't have access to our machines from home [yet.] )
2) Waiting for information.

So, I am sitting here blogging waiting for the kind sysadmin (really nice person, though doesn't seem it at first impression) to give me the break-down....

yeah.... bummer.

And I had just gotten a raise too.

Note to self: from now on try to put nothing into production on thursday and friday.

So, tomorrow I am going early, early in the morning to try to see if I can recover the data.

Though come to think of it, if I get fired in the morning, I'll have the whole day free. I think I'll take my NYC guidebook with me tomorrow. I haven't been on the staten island ferry yet. I have always wanted to take a round trip. I hear its free. I also want to visit Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, just to see if they are nice. The American Indian museum is like 100 feet from the office where I will have worked until tomorrow. I have never been. Not to mention Ellis Island. The ferry is like 4 mins walking distance away from my former place of work. Again, I have never been...

Must remember to bring my camera tomorrow...


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