Sunday, February 26, 2006

Come to think of it the next big thing online will be a platform for aggregating various other web apps. Whoever can come up with a good UI and backend platform for allowing people to place web-based content within constantly updated cute widgets pasted on some web-based canvas wins a prize. In particular if they are smart enough to create an easy to use API for enhancing the platform.


Saw an article about blogs and so I decided to post an entry..

I was thinking about blogging and technology in general and the interesting thing is that most commonly used web-based applications are 1 generation behind browser technology.

The design of modern web-apps is still commonly built around the fill-out-the-form/press-submit UI model. This is strange because modern browsers can be used to create real interactive interfaces like the kind you see in offline applications. Technologies like Javascript and CSS, which are both commonly allow seamless browser presentation of data from backend servers. This means that at some point those 'submit' buttons will just disappear.

Actually search engines themselves are getting stale. Google & Yahoo & MSN styled search engines returning a list is terribly old-fashioned. Grokker and Kartoo are ok, but still lacking something. Kartoo is too graphicy and Grokker too plain. All search engines rank the relevance of websites to the desired keywords. It should be elementary to present this in a graphical form. Google uses a pagerank algorithm to determine the importance of sites. So for say a PR9,PR8,PR7 documents you have a graphical icon of the site. For everything else you have site name and a short description. You throw the keyword searched for in the center and surround it with the highest ranking results, with the low ranking results further out of the middle circle. It would be like a diagram of an atom. Search terms are the nucleus and the results the electrons in various shells around the nucleus.

Anyways.. Time to press the submit button...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tom & Katy aren't breaking up! I can stop planning my suicide.

This article was in indexed by Google News. The interesting thing is that it was published by Xinhua, the Chinese national news agency. Apparently there is somebody in China who cares.

[In case there is any possible hint of the shadow of a doubt, I don't.]

Monday, February 13, 2006

No one needs more French than found here...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Where the hell did they find all those danish flags to burn?