Monday, December 19, 2005

I started work today. again. The backend has been turbocharged in the past 4 years. Everything does more and does it better. The company has been growing ridiculously fast and was forced into adding new capacity and new functionality along the way. My problem is that my initial assignment is basically in-house technical support. Non-technical people will be asking me questions about how and why the system does things. If I was working as a developer I would need to know how one particular aspect of the system runs and could ignore much of everything else. Since I am tech support I need to be familiar with all parts of the system so that I can look for problems. And there are lots and lots of parts of the system, though the flow of problems seems to be very manageable. I am a technical person so I can figure out [over time] how things are connected and I can look at the underlying programs and databases to help me understand why they do things the way they do. I have absolutely no idea how the non-technical client support people ever figure out anything about the system. Their manual has about 700 pages and its unclear to me how they are able to master even the basic operations of the system. The client support department is experiencing very high turn-over and hiring as if its a cold calling operation. It must however take at least 6 weeks to get a new hire to a point where they can independently do anything. At the same time their client list keeps growing faster and faster.

Blegh.. This is going to be a long week and I have friday off.


Blogger E$ said...

By the way, I hope you are referring to something technical when you say that "the backend has been turbocharged." The first image popping into my head was Bubba eating lots of cheese.

Companies with lots of turnover are definitely difficult places to work. However, they also present greater opportunities for advancement (if that is your thing). So good luck with the whole thing.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Oooolllgaaa said...

you make the workforce sound so exhilerating. see you soon.


11:54 PM  

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