Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bubba's world.

Death to anyone who uses more than one exclamation point in their email! The fact that its an email and not a phone call should be enough to dissuade you from believing that themessage warrants three exclamation points. "The cookies have arrived :) !!!" certainly doesn't qualify for 3 exclamation points no matter how much you like shortbread or chocolate chip cookies. And smileyfaces just make it so much worse.

Also, why don't we save "Good morning" for good mornings. And I would also like to request an honest answer to the question "How are you?" Shitty, depressed, bored, hung over, unhappy, lonely, pissed off, sleepy, sick, and contemplating mass murder all qualify. How about just OK? Why is OK reserved for situations where you have just been sick or fell down a hill? "Great", and "Wonderful" as standard responses should be left to the mentally insane. The following expressions should be left for sarcasm only: "Yeay!","Hooray!","Yahoo!","Fabulous","Awesome". As should "I am so psyched", "Aren't you excited?" and "I am fired up/stoked".



Blogger E$ said...

Ah, so the bubba has been hit by the ugly politeness of office life like a garbage truck. My condolences...

7:36 AM  

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