Sunday, November 06, 2005

I have been reading about this French rioting. Its amazing. 3300 cars were burned, schools and other buildings destroyed. 10 police officers were injured by shots fired on them by a mob. Elsewhere club-wielding rioters attempted to attack police who responded with tear gas. The French government has effectively lost control of several 'suburb-ghettoes' of Paris and neighborhoods in other cities. The most amazing thing is that in 11 days of rioting not a single person has been killed. Were this to happen in the States there would be national guard with shotguns in the streets within a week. A few rioters would be shot and everybody else would go home and hide.

So lets see what the French government will do with their fellow citizens. The French race-blind policy of assimilation, whereby the immigrants are meant to forget what they were and to become culturally French is basically on trial here. The first problem is that the immigrants don't quite want to fully assimilate. The second is that the white French still see these newcomers as foreigners and discriminate accordingly. Its just that the government refuses consider race to be an issue and so can hardly do much to treat the problem. Regardless of what happens from this point on, this should leave little doubt that the French can't just pretend that inside every Muslim/black immigrant to France is a Frenchman trying to get out.

This Szarkocy guy is also interesting. The same guy that has called on the government to crush this rioting 'scum' has called for affirmitive action and a regression from the apparently failing French model of assimilation towards more Anglo diversity models.

So what are the French going to do? How do you stop rioting that is spreading?


Blogger E$ said...

One other important problem for all these immigrants is that the French labor system is heavily favored towards existing workers. Not only are existing employees quite expensive (with full benefits, pensions, 5 weeks of vacation and a 35 hour work week), but it is almost impossible to fire someone. Understandably, French companies are therefore very hesitant to hire new workers.

The result is that the groups that are most hurt are immigrants and young people. And, let me see, who is rioting?

3:28 PM  
Blogger Bubba said...

Sure economics is one of the problems...

You should however notice that its not immigrants and young people that are rioting, but young religious immigrants and young religious minorities that are rioting.

The problem seems to be absorbing Muslims, Arabs and Africans into French culture and society.

1:04 PM  
Blogger E$ said...

Here is a good blog (in Russian) on the subject

10:26 AM  

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