Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hmm... OK.. Lets title this "Americans are stupid"

evolution vs. creationism:
64% of Americans believe that "human beings were created directly by god"
55% of Americans believe that both evolution and creationism should be taught in school
23% of Americans believe that only creationism should be taught.
12% of Americans believe that only evolution should be taught.

ghosts, miracles, devil, hell
miracles (89%), the devil (68%), hell (69%), ghosts (51%), astrology (31%) and reincarnation (27%)
"Even more surprising is that some people who say they are not Christian believe in the resurrection of Christ (26%) and the Virgin birth, Jesus born of Mary (27%)"

76% of the population believes they will go to heaven. 2% that they will go to hell, 4% to purgatory. 89% believe in heaven and 73% believe in hell.

18% of the population believes that the sun revolves around the earth:

48% of Americans read A BOOK over the last year.

46-51% of the adult population would probably not be able to read a book anyway...

some more stats out of "Redneck Nation" by Michael Graham:
70% of Americans believe in angels.
50% of Americans believe they have their own personal guardian angel.
42% - haunted houses
26% - witches
80% - government is hiding the truth about aliens (thanks X-files)
32% - have seen an angel

I am still looking for some stats on American historical and geographical knowledge. In particular I would like to know how many Americans can pinpoint the tiny continent of Asia on a map..

OK, now a basic question. If 51% of Americans believe in ghosts (or in any other belief with wide-ranging support) am I allowed to state that such a view is stupid despite the majority acceptance it has gained?

Yes I am. Its stupid.

What if I was to find a poll where the majority of those polled believed that Montenegro was a country next to Bolivia? Does the fact that the majority believe this fallacy give it any credence?

No. Its still just as dumb.


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