Thursday, July 07, 2005

X number of places to visit before you die...

So there I was looking at National Geographics' 50 'greatest places of a lifetime' to visit and of course as anyone else would do I was checkmarking the ones i've seen.

I am up to 18 out of 50, but interestingly they are concentrated in the world wonders and urban spaces categories... So I have seen 8/10 urban spaces (I haven't seen Rio or London) and 7/10 world wonders (I haven't seen Angkor, Machu Picchu or Mesa Verde). And thats counting the artificial world wonder of cyberspace which has no business there. While the Acropolis (and Greece in general) is overplayed and shouldn't be in this list, I'll take it. Then there is Vermont, Tuscany and the Alps which I'll claim on technicality of having been there at one point or another.

Here is a link. Do a count.


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