Sunday, April 03, 2005

Still Day 4.

I am quickly getting bored of both the hostel and of hong kong. I went out to the last of the three pub areas in Hong Kong - Wan Chai. Wan Chai used to be known as a hangout for US seamen, and for soldiers and marines during the Vietnam war. It could be easily imagined what kind of places it was known for at the time.. Despite what might be stated elsewhere, these kind of places have not left and the only difference is that instead of soldiers and sailors the visitors are now ex-pats and wealthy visitors. In order to build up their confidence prior to taking the next step several high-class bars have been built in the area. These are very nice and obviously rather expensive. A pint of beer will run over $HK50. I had a very small beer at one of these bars for $HK25 and left. I was in this area at about 8pm and the most visible characteristic of these up-scale places is the overwhelming preponderance of white males, with the minimal presence of white women. Occassinally a white guy will walk by with an Asian girl or a elderly couple that probably got lost... The places that were popular with US military personnel during the Vietnam war are located right next to the up-scale expat bars and it takes little imagination to understand that their business picks up after the finish of the sports games playing on the TV screens in the bars.

I am off to go get a book and then sit down with a hot tea in Starbucks or off to see a movie. I think I am going to try to leave the hostel tomorrow. Maybe once I get my passport back I'll try to get over to Macau.



Anonymous Olga "Your Sister" Raskin said...

at last i am not deprived of the passageway into the not-so-secret life of boris/bison rook/bubba/berseken. how many nick names do you have? is that a guy thing? anyway, this blog is a pleasure to read and i'm going to keep leaving annoying/interesting comments instead of doing homework.

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