Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I am back in the free sorta almost country of Hong kong where i can actually access blogger. I will post more on my travels in the People's Republic later as i am standing at a terminal nicely set up by the Hong Kong airport authorities and there are people waiting. To keep it short, i went to Beijing, did all the touristy things and left.

a 9km hike on the Great Wall,
walked past a porcelain Mao,
a visit to the Forbidden City,
a visit to the Summer Palace,
a visit to the Lama Temple

I kept some notes so I will set aside a couple of hours and post a play-by-play of my visit.

Now i am off to board a plane to Thailand.. Going to be fun arriving there at night, but hey just bought a guide and exchanged money in the Hong Kong airport so i should be fine. This airport by the way is really good..



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