Thursday, April 07, 2005

Day 8.

The weather was good today so I went back up to the Peak, where unlike the last time I could actually see all of Hong Kong from.

Went down to the travel agent and picked up my tickets. I am flying out tomorrow at 8 in the morning to Beijing. I am coming back on the 12th when without leaving the airport I am getting on a flight to Bangkok. I will be in Thailand for about 8 days before I come back to Hong Kong just in time to get on a plane back to the States.

The efficiency of this place amazes me. I was able to get a paper ticket in my hand within 30 minutes of walking into the travel agent's office. This along with the excellent transportation system and the high caliber of the human resources that seems to be available here guarantees this city a place as one of the best places to do business in the world.

Outside of this it also seems to be a very nice place to live, as long as you have a good salary. There are parks everywhere and very nice ones at that with artificial waterfalls, pools, fish, trees, and the other park amenitites. And these parks are in the middle of the city within a couple minutes walk from the skyscrapers. Outside of the city there are many areas for recreation - for hiking, water sports, horse riding. There is a racetrack and if you really want to gamble you can go to Macau which functions as Atlantic City for NYC. Inside the city are plenty of areas with up-scale pubs and with a varied clientele.

It might be a very nice place to work for a year...



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