Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Day 7 recap. back to Hong Kong

Went walking about. Ended up in a pub in Central. There was a good cover band playing all the classics - queen 'another one bites the dust', 'bohemian rhapsody', pink floyd 'another brick in the wall (part 2)' and various other songs... Left for very, very Oh Bubbish reasons.

Anyways, some comments so far.

I didn't understand the reasons for the masks worn by some people while walking around Hong Kong. I had thought it was to prevent breathing in pollution or to avoid catching SARS or something. I was watching TV and apparently the local health department suggests that if you are sick that you wear a surgical face mask in order to prevent other people from getting infected. Sounds reasonable, no? We should be doing the same, why aren't we? Its not like its still the 15th century where we think disease is a curse of god spread by Jews and witches. Wonder if this will ever catch on in the west. Probably not, I think that in Western society we still associate disease and sickness with weakness and immorality.

Another thing I noticed is that in advertisements for McDonalds they have a clown that looks like Ronald McDonald, but the only difference is that he is Asian. I guess thats reasonable, if you make Jesus into an Asian in Asia, then why should the other god of the west not adopt a native form.

OK, cheers,


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