Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Day 6 recap - Macau.

Came back late the night before and so slept way too late. At about noon I rushed down to the hotel lobby to check out and leave my bags. I went down to the touristy part of the town and took some pictures. The architecture does look sorta European. The people have a slight tint of non-Asianness. Once in a while you see the admixture of Portuguese or African blood into the gene pool. This is not visible in Hong Kong. The Portuguese had a different idea of colonization. They didn't have the British uppityness, and so didn't have a problem intermingling with the local native population. The British apparently brought their own women, while the Portuguese made do. I am a bit surprised by the fact that the population of Macau is only 15% Catholic as I would have expected the Portuguese to be more persistent in their quest to save the souls of the heathen. In any case, the signs are in Chinese and in Portuguese, though I didn't hear anybody actually speaking the language, except when I walked by the Portuguese School of Macau where some mixed looking kids were speaking it among themselves.

Anyways I took some pictures of the local touristy place - one street, a fort and a blown up church with only the front facade still standing. These places look nice and are positioned so one can almost take a picture without including the crappy buildings that surround the touristy sites. Despite the Lonely Planet's assertion that there is a bit of reconstruction going on, the houses are in a very bad state of disrepair. On some houses you see what they may have looked like in their heyday, but most are just shite.

This accomplished I went about looking for a cheap hotel. Apparently there are no hostels in Macau and the closest thing to reasonable budget accomodations was a run-down hotel. After looking at the room and getting back into the elevator to go back downstairs, the elevator mysteriously went up a floor where a young woman was smiling and offering a massage. I cordially rejected her proposal, left the hotel and went back to the hotel I had stayed in earlier and booked another night. I stayed in the hotel and listened to John LeCarre's 'Absolute Friends' audiobook. In the evening I went down to the casinos and lost a bit of money which I proceeded to wash down with losing a bit more money in a vain attempt to win it back. I failed in this and went down to get a beer. After drinking a beer and walking about some more I went back to the hotel and went to sleep.


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