Sunday, April 03, 2005

Day 4 in Hong Kong.

OK.. so I woke up this morning and my left eye was hurting a bit. I can see fine so I think its just one of the muscles that open and close the eye that is at fault. I will wait a bit until I put the contacts back in. On the bright side I have my new glasses with which I can see much better.

I went up to Mongkok and walked the market there. I finally saw Rolexes, though I need to do some research before I buy myself a fake rolex. First I don't want to buy a fake super-expensive model. A $3000 watch model on my hand might (?) be real, a $40000 watch with diamonds is probably not going to be believed. Also a bunch of the same stuff as at every market. Zippos, domino sets, jewelry, clothing, electronics.

List of things to buy for now:
little red book
fake rolex

I was going to go visit a "recreated" Hakka walled village but roughly halfway between Mongkok and the station I needed to go to I encountered a problem. Apparently something I had eaten earlier had caught up with me. Now I don't know whether it was the microwaved eel on a stick or the deep-fried shrimp looking thingie on a stick, or possibly the dried fish or maybe even the Starbucks frappuccino, but suffice it to say that I could not continue to my destination and had to leave the Metro and quickly find a toilet. I found one but decided not to chance the trip and returned back to the hostel.

The interesting thing about these markets is the weird street food. Any Chinese person on Fear Factor would have an unfair advantage since they have already eaten such delicacies as turkey's kidney, chicken knee soft bone, fried pig's intestines, among many others... I am still trying to stick to chicken, beef, noodles, sushi and seafood. The 24 hour supermarket across the street from the hostel has a good selection of prepared food.

On the way back from Mongkok there was a media event near the hostel. There seems to be a media event around here every couple of days. Last time there was apparently a media event whereby a store called Bauhaus was being called. The event was a bunch of guys (white & asian) carrying a cage with a Chinese guy inside while chanting "Bauhaus" in unison once in a while. You gotta give them points for originality.

Today there was apparently a horse race which was the center of attention. I asked a young Chinese guy what the hoopla was about and he replied that there is a particular horse which had won 15 races in a row and if it wins two more times it will set a world record. The race took about a minute and the favorite won. Horseracing is apparently big here...

Anyways, I posted some more pics.



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