Saturday, April 02, 2005

Day 3.

posted some pics from day 2. My camera is out of batteries again. Will post more pics later.

Today I went down to Lantau island to see the big buddha. To get there I took the ferry which took about half an hour. Then there is a 40 minute busride up the hill towards the Po Lin Monastery where the Buddha is based. The Buddha himself is big, but not that big, so I don't know whats the big deal is about. Basically they say he is the biggest something something something something bronze Buddha statue in the world. You can probably describe anything as the worlds biggest anything. I am the proud owner of the biggest shaved white balding head with brown eyes and with a goatee and with a mole on the left side of my face and another one under my chin on the right side attached to a 5'10", 185 pound big boned body wearing blue jeans and hiking boots. Ok, i might be exaggerating a bit.

Anyways. The Buddha and the monastery were not terribly impressive themselves, but the island they are built on add a lot. The journey there was also interesting. The ferry passed by multiple uninhabitted islands. The coast of the Hong Kong Island itself is almost entirely developed, with the exception of the very southern side. However, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region includes multiple islands which are sparsely populated. The biggest of these is Lantau. It is sparsely populated, and most of the population appears to be employed in the construction trade based on the amount of construction work going on on the island. I don't know what they are building but they are definately killing the island as a location untouched by [modern] civilization.

Anyways. I went down to the eyeglasses store and picked up my pair of glasses and my contacts. It took me like an hour but I finally stuck the damn things into my eyes. I am guessing that its normal that my eyes are still itching a bit and my peripheral vision is a bit blurry. However its pleasant to not have to wear my glasses anymore. I also finally bought a nice little travel electric shaver and shaved my head. While looking for this model (one that supports 110-240V) I went through several 'department stores' like Sogo and through a mall called 'times square'. There is also a World Trade Center and a Broadway. It is a weekend, but still every store is overflowing and people are buying. Consumeristic consumption seems like a national pasttime... The electronics stores are full of people and of really cool products. There is no sales tax, and the selection on every kind of product imaginable is ridiculous. The prices on electronics are nothing special, but on clothing they seem to be really good.

Basically for somebody who likes shopping (somebody unlike me) Hong Kong must definately be at the top of the international destinations. In fact come to think of it, it would probably be a good vacation spot for American businessmen. They can send their wives to go shopping, while they can go hiking, sailing, swimming, drinking, whoring, whatever.. HK has it all. That is except location. Its just a bit too far from the States to be a good destination for a week worth of vacation.

I have a new problem. I went to several travel agencies today that specialize in English speaking tours and they were all closed. The fact that it is saturday might have something to do with that. In any case I might have to rough it into china and get some flights in Yangshuo or Guilin if nothing comes up last minute.

Still looking for that rolex..

cheers, is anybody reading this?



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