Saturday, April 02, 2005

Day 3 recap.

Posted some more pics.

In the evening yesterday me and Malcolm wanted to go to the foreigner bar area on kowloon. When we got to the subway we firgured out that we forgot the guidebook at the hostel, so we decided to wing it. After walking around for about an hour and not finding the westerner bars we made an agreement to go into the first bar we saw. This turned out to be a chinese bar with no westerners. The chinese were sitting around basically gambling and drinking loudly. Some were playing some kind of dice game and others were playing card games. The TV was playing a Man. United soccer match with Chinese commentary of course. After a beer we left and went back to the hostel. I walked around a bit more outside and noticed that they were playing western movies at the cinema. I am not sure how funny the Chinese will find 'The Pacifier' when it seems to make people cringe in the west.

I was happy to come back to the hostel to take out my contacts. I don't think I'll be wearing these every day.

Anyways. I am probably going to go up to the market at Mongkok. When I was back in the states I saw a Hong Kong cop movie called 'one night in mongkok'. It is supposed to be the gritty part of HK.

I am stuck in Hong Kong for at least another two days.

People are waiting to use the computer.



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