Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Day 21 - Zombie goes to Hong Kong

I arrived in Bankok as a zombie incapable of any thought but 'SLEEEP'

I figured out that I wasn't going to get much sight-seeing done in this state in the 7 hours I had until my flight to Hong Kong and so just headed straight to the Bangkok airport.

Had the set breakfast at a Japanese restaraunt in the airport. The breakfast was a bit weird. It was rice with a piece of salmon, miso soup and a bunch of weird salad looking things. It was also hideously overpriced, but I had some Thai baht to burn.

After breakfast I went over to the departures area where I fell asleep for a couple of hours.

At 1 I had my flight back to Hong Kong which went smoothly. I was flying Emirates which I had thought would be an interesting flying exprience with the flight attendants looking like Osama. However, it turned out that the flight attendants were an international lot with the majority being young petite British, Russian and other girls. I was sincerely disappointed. I am sure there was a movie, but I don't remember what it was and the food was reasonably good. Alcoholic beverages were also served so I am not sure how Islamically legitimate Emirates is. Overall I would say that the Emirates flight was rather pleasant with the only Arab elements being that things were said in English and Arabic, the fact that the British flight attendants were being forced to wear a make belief Arab headdress, and several Arab men with discoloration on their forehead where they are supposed to touch their head to the ground during prayers. My friend Hash (Iranian) said that some people just rub something on their forehead to get that look so they would get more respect as religious people.

Once I arrived in Hong Kong I had to find accomodations for the night because I was flying out the next day. I know I should have booked beforehand, but I was lazy. So I took the airport shuttle to the hostel where I had stayed before only to find that it was full. I was going to go down to the backpacker ghetto on the Kowloon side, but there was one more guest house right next to the starbucks where I got some tea. I checked it and they had a nice closet-like room with a bed and a TV. Not much else fit in the room, but I was still a zombie so I just took the room. I watched a bit of telly where they were showing a blatant product placement for McDonalds whereby the whole premise of the show was a guy looking for the world's most unique McDonalds. They had some McD in the North with a snowmobile drive-through.

In any case I set my alarm and went to sleep.


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