Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Day 20 - Chiang Mai -> Bangkok

Had an extra half-day in Chiang Mai before going off to the train to Bangkok. I made the mistake of buying train tickets pretty late so I was stuck with a 3rd class no A/C seat - 'the genuine experience'. On the bright side instead of paying $17 for the nice seats I ended up paying $5 for the hell seats.

So during the afternoon I got some food, checked my email, uploaded some pics and basically did very little. Then I got on the train at 4PM and the weather was still scorching. In addition the amount of legroom was rather limited and spending 15 hours sitting down in a train where you can not stretch out your legs is not a pleasant experience. I did get some consolation from the fact that these were not the worst possible tickets because there were some people that got standing tickets and I saw them standing for 15 hours straight. I had hoped that some people would be getting off and I would have some room to stretch out, but unfortunately unlike my train trip to Chiang Mai, on which by the end of the line there were 2 people in my compartment, in this case nobody was getting off without their seat being immediately taken over by a newcomer.

Before I left I was only able to upload like 5 albums of music onto my Karma so after 3 weeks I was sick and tired of Faithless, Joss Stone and Alicia Keys. So basically I got through like 10 45 minute long lectures on American history roughly from the Great Depression all the way to Vietnam. On the negative side I didn't get any sleep...


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