Thursday, April 14, 2005

Day 16 - goodbye Bankok

Tonight I am taking an overnight train to chiang mai, which is in the north of the country. I thought about going to cambodia, but its supposed to be a pain in the neck to travel there. I thought about going to the beach, but I am just not a beach person. So, I am going to Chiang Mai...

I walked around Bangkok yesterday, and was soaked entirely. Interestingly when you are walking around in the beginning when nobody hit you yet everyone just lets you go by, then somebody takes a small shot at you, then somebody a bit bigger shot. Two minutes later somebody decides to pour water down your back... Then there are the 40 year old Westerners who run around with gangs of super soaker armed 12 year old Thais spraying everybody. They can't quite keep up with the kids, but they are trying.

Anyways, I have a train at 9:30pm and I have to figure out what to do until then in order not to get wet. I'll probably take the SkyTrain down to the ferry and go see some site.

Posted some more pics of Beijing and of the Great Wall at imagestation.


I tried to go down to the National Museum, but surprise surprise it was closed for the national holiday. I had even amazingly been able to get there and back without getting at all wet. Once I got back to my hostel I went across the street to a cafe to wait out the watery bastards. I wrote up my theory for what is currently happening in East Asia between China and Japan and read through every English newspaper the cafe head. Trying to wait them out turned out to be a mistake because by the time I got out it was time for the evening traffic. Now traffic in the west means that cars are moving, albeit slowly. In bangkok, nothing moves and the intersection which I had to cross had literally a dozen trucks with obnoxious teens on board. There were also foot patrols with water guns patrolling both sides of the road. In the 1.5 minutes it took me to get across the road to the hostel I was sprayed by at least 3 people. I got my stuff and headed down to the train station via the SkyTrain and Subway. I avoided getting soaked, but had to wait in the train station for my train. In any case I had no desire to be out in Bangkok at this time getting wet.



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