Thursday, April 14, 2005

Day 15 - Bangkok

I am still trapped by this holiday. At least I have finally bought some flipflops. I for most of the afternoon and thus avoided getting soaked. On the way back from the train station 20 minutes ago I had to go through 2 squads of soakers.

So far today I have gone through 2 temple complexes. First about yesterdays Grand Palace/Temple complex. Its like Disneyland. Basically it looked like a little crappy souvenir made of colored glass and gold and silver foil that you can buy on the streets, only blown up to great proportion. Its all shiny and mirrory and it looks very nice from far away, but up close its just too much.

The temples I was in today - Wat Pho and Wat Arun were much nicer, especially the latter. Wat Arun is particularly impressive. Though decorated with similar kind of colored glass as the palace, the glass has been allowed to darken and age giving it a more ancient and less tourist-driven feel. It is also a much more interesting complex because while the Great Palace complex seems like a random plopping of buildings, Wat Arun looks like a large tower surrounded by 4 smaller towers. Each tower is decorated intricately. There are stairs (also decorated) winding from the bottom of the large tower to the top. These stairs aren't open all the way to the top but still...

Wat Pho had some celebrations for the Thai New Year. Apparently these consisted of pouring scented water on statues of the budha and depositting small coins into many many jars at the temple to the reclining buddha. Wat Pho is known for housing a huge fat reclining buddha. Also at the celebrations were dancing troupes of Madonna-clad pre-teens doing traditional Thai dances of questionable origin. And of course as everywhere many many food stalls selling different kinds of foods. So far I have tried the dumplings, which are a bit sweet for me and a dish consisting of rice with an egg fried in oil on top. Yesterday I also tried some squid looking things on a stick, but am still shying away from what look like fish balls on a stick. I feel that I am playing Russian roulette with my stomach whenever I eat at these stalls.

I am going to try to leave Bangkok tomorrow. I think I am going to go to Trat and from either into Cambodia or to one of the islands closeby.

Another problem I am having is that the place which currently holds my images is being bitchy and so I am trying out some others right now. I posted the last of my HK/Macau pictures to, but I am looking around for a place to upload the beijing pics..

For now, go to and log in as me to see the pics.

Gotta go.



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