Thursday, March 31, 2005

So I am Hong Kong now. Of course there is rain. Like an idiot I decided to go up to the viewing point at Victoria Peak. Couldn't see more than 15 feet around.... Not a very productive journey.

Anyways about Hong Kong. Hong Kong is basically New York Chinatown. Only imagine Chinatown expanded and took over all of Manhattan. And imagine that Manhattan was actually in a sub-tropical climate. Ok, so I guess HK is unique. The cool thing is that unlike my expectations that I would somehow stand out because I am white in an Asian city, Hong Kong is like NY on this account as well. There are lots of other colors and everybody is running around so fast that they don't care what color you are. HK however is a lot more crowded. People are moving back and forth in waves. Its not as bad as New Delhi or the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem where you can hardly squeeze through a crowd and have to sorta maneuver as if you are swimming. Hong Kong is very, very clean.

Anyways, people are waiting to use the internet.

Some of the pics I have uploaded here:



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