Monday, March 28, 2005

Its the night of the 28th to the 29th. I have to be in the airport in 10 hours for a 16 hour flight to Japan. I am going to enjoy that. There is no relaxation like getting on a plane and knowing with absolute certainty that for the next 16 hours there is nothing at all that you have to do, to remeber, to forget. No pressure, no pain, no fear. Just sit back and watch the movie or just watch the stewardesses running around.

The biggest choice you face is 'chicken' or 'beef', and frankly the choice is not relevant because regardless of what you pick it will pretty much taste the same. I don't know about other people, but I personally quite often enjoy the meal that I am eating on the plane. I really can not tell the difference between airplane food and the food served at many restaraunts, though it is possible that I simply haven't been going to the right restaraunts.

Once seated, the only challenge is to remember how relaxing the experience should be. Otherwise you might get swept up into stupid worries, like 'i pressed the button to get the stewardess 2 minutes ago and I still have not been served' or the torment of waiting for a drink you ordered; 'is she bringing it or did she forget?'. What else is there?

There are of course the wars for the armrest that one must win, the queue for the toilet that one must overcome, and the eternal quest to rearrange all the stuff left over from meals in such a way as to allow you to obtain the most relaxing position possible.

Oh, how I pray for an emergency seat. Oh Lord, please be so good as to give me an emergency seat tomorrow! I don't know what those people in business or first class receive, but frankly they are missing out. They have to sit up there with other people that have the exact same comforts as them. Other than the pleasure of getting to sit down first and to watch the coach people walk by while looking for their spot in the sardine can in the back, what do they get? Leather seats? More alcohol?

The people in the emergency seats in coach get to look back with pleasure at all the people in the back suffering from a lack of leg space and trying to maneuever their newspapers over their fold-out tables while waiting for the stewardess to pick up the remains of the dinner. Every time I have sat in the emergency seats I have regretted the fact that I actually have to leave the plane.


I got myself a Rio Karma 20gb for the trip. Loaded it up with a bunch of music and books and am ready to try it out. I just hope I will be able to find outlets for my Rio and my Camera... Hopefully I will also be able to post pics and delete them off the camera so that I don't run out of space. These electronics better not break. That would royally suck.

Oh yeah, today I did the following things:
- Got my books renewed at the library
- Bought a travel outlet adapter
- Bought a Rio Karma
- Packed
- Didn't find an electric shaver
- Confirmed my hostel reservation
- Read some more from the thorntree
- Shaved
- Uploaded my music stuff onto the Karma

Dmitry called me up and wished me well during my travels. Claimed positive jealousy. Demanded a little red book or some similar chinese souvenir.

Still packing, copying music, lectures to the Karma. 4 hours till departure from home. good night.

Oh and in case you (me) forget. The next five days is going to be rainy in Hong Kong. Brilliant choice of time to travel. Two weeks ago it was all sunshine. Bubba gets to a place and god punishes it with hail and storm.



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