Thursday, March 31, 2005

Day 2 in Hong Kong.

The day started with a knock on the door. This is when I met Michael. Michael was a very pleasant Hong Kong guy who apparently has a sister living in Connecticut and whom he is going to visit next week. Now if Michael was at my door to practice his English or to get directions on how to get from NYC to Philly through NJ, this might have been a very pleasant experience. However, Michael did not come alone. He brought with him a police officer and two fellow inspectors from the Licensing Bureau of the Home Affairs Department.

Michael and his friends had decided to wake up the people living in my flat in order to ask them several questions about the circumstances surrounding their presence in the flat. He had three pages worth of questions. It was like going through airport security after being awoken in your bedroom. In any case they took pictures of the room, of our passports, of the reservations, and took away our room keys as 'evidence'. After two hours of taking pictures they left. The owner of the hostel assures me that there is no illegal guest house activity going on, though who knows and who cares.... This was free entertainment, courtesy of the Hong Kong government.

Yesterday I went around looking for a reasonably priced (cheap) pair of glasses. I eventually found a place I liked and am having a pair made for $HK 488 which is like $65 or so. The eye exam was free. I was happily strolling back to my hostel after finding such a bargain when a heavily accented voice says 'glasses' and some woman hands me a piece of paper. Apparently if I go up two floors I can get a pair of frames with lens made for only $HK99-$HK300. Thats for thin lenses. I went up, looked around and they had a good selection... Doh.. So, if anybody needs eyeglasses made, HK is the place.

Anyways.. lets see. Yesterday in the evening I went to Central Hong Kong and walked around a bit. The buildings light up at night, and some even do light shows, which is a pretty cool little idea. I was thinking of going to a bar, but all the bars in the pub area of Central seem like preppy boring places where white middle aged guys in suits go to pick up much younger chinese girls or to toast their new business deal.

I am off to look for a travel agent and then take a ferry to the dingy part of town to look for some five dollar rolexes.

more pics have been uploaded.



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