Monday, January 10, 2005

Blogger is great! Its idiot friendly while at the same time its capable of handing power-geeks...

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Basically I am going to use this blog as sort of a diary while other things I write I will publish in my respective other blogs.

One is a rant against free trade. A second will remain undeclared for now. A third is going to be a rant on the naivete of American policy makers when it comes to the Middle East. Even if nobody reads them, at least I am getting some practice writing, a useful skill if there ever was one...

Monday, January 03, 2005

Howdy, Happy New Year. Some pics of new year's eve. Posted other pics from Israel from before. They are in archives.

The reindeer known as the Bubba. (dj santa-killer)

The unlucky hostess... :) Thanks Kristin.. Posted by Hello

mortal kombat. Posted by Hello

The natives are not pleased. Posted by Hello

Bringing in the new year with da ali g Posted by Hello

the jewfro has a new king Posted by Hello

Hobbits smoking a mexican treat of some kind Posted by Hello

they are pinky and the brain, they are pinky and the brain..... Posted by Hello

Mitka, aka Ded Moroz Posted by Hello

hobotoon Posted by Hello

Lenny running away from camera Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Decorating King David's Tower -

Back in the Soviet Union religion was the opium of the people. For this reason almost nobody celebrated Christmas or other religious holidays. However, it was easier for the communists to eliminate Christmas by permitting of the continuation of some the traditions of the holiday - Santa, present-giving and the Christmas tree - in a different form. Thus the commies moved these ceremonial aspects of the holiday to New Years Eve, while depriving them of any religious content. Santa Claus became Grandpa Frost and the Christmas tree turned into a New Year's tree. In this form it was possible for people of all faiths - Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Atheists and Muslims - to celebrate the holiday and partake in all the joy that comes with gathering once a year together with all the family members that one avoids during the rest of the year. Talk about inter-cultural understanding!

When we came to America we kept the whole Russian New Year's Tree+presents thing going for a while, but we stopped in light of the Christian nature of the holiday in this country. The year I left for Israel my father for the first time put up "Kind David's Tower", a picture of which you can see above, and which is basically a sheet hung up and decorated with Stars of David. Under the sheet one places presents. The theological question of who it is that delivers presents and deposits them under the Tower is left open...

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"king david's tower" - our Russian Jewish American New Year's Eve answer to both the Festivus Pole and to the Christmas Tree. Posted by Hello